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Hutch's Variety · May 28, 05:23 PM

UPDATE – Check Out m new review on Hutch’s Variet @
Update: Hutch’s Variety Part 2 – The Best Food in Thunder Bay

The Coney Burger I had today, well to say the least, is something I wouldn’t write home about. But I would blog it, so….

I had firmly decided to hit Merla Mae for a Cheeseburger, when the obvious lineup presented a strong sense of inconvenience. Hutch’s, which is just about a block away, proudly displayed a Famous Coney Sauce sign. A sign from the Coney man himself, assuring me that I would have a cheeseburger and coke within minutes.

First and foremost, the guy behind the till washed his hands before preparing my order. This is a good thing. THen with a freshly microwaved bun, and a ladel, he scooped the coney sauce onto the bun. Add cheese, onion, and voila! A Coney Cheeseburger ala Hutch.

The result is nothing great, bearing in mind the I am far from a expert in the field of Coney Sauce. It followed the concept of a Coney Burger, with a local added flair and seasoning, but did not stand out in my mind as a place I would frequent, or a food item I would crave in the future.

In the end, if it is conveniece, and the need to fill a gap, Hutch’s Variety stepped up to the plate. However, I would prefer to make the inconvenient choice, weather and time permitting to go to Merla Mae or McKellar Confectionary (which I will review later).

Hutch’s Variety is definately well located on the corner of John St. and Memorial/Algoma. Further, it is for sale. The addition of Fast Food to their repitoir would indicate to me that they are not out trying to enter the market, but mearly showing the potential for diversification of their business to prospective Buyers.

I would not put this on the maps, but google did, so if you want to know where to find Hutch’s,... Google Map It!

I should also mention that they have loads of VHS tapes. Hutch didn’t seem interested in getting into DVDs or new releases, so if you have a old favorite, Hutch probably has it (including XXX vids). For all else it is worth, it is a local convenience store, competing with the Mac’s a block away.

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