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Seattle Coffee House - Memorial Ave · May 19, 05:16 PM

Okee. These are just about the best darn sandwiches I have ever had. And they are not your conventional ham and cheese. Today I had the Roast Beef and Garlic, which comes on a whole wheat bread, with lettuce and such. This was chosen over the Turkey Thai, which was probably one of my hardest decisions of the week.

Earlier this week I had the Greek sandwich with black olives, and I have also enjoyed the Ham and honey mustard, BLT, and the humus vegetable-alicious.

Coffee is good too. The dark roast, or for the sweet tooth, the White Mega Mocha (be sure to slurp the whip cream off the top first).

An assorment of teas, pastries, a delicious fruit bottom yogurt with granola on top. Add to it the wireless high speed internet and you got a place you sit at all day working with your laptop and cell phone.

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There are four locations to serve you; the Memorial Ave is the one I frequent. I am sure the others are just as good. The one on Red River Road and Arthur Street are not shown on Google Maps.
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  1. You’ve hit the ball out the park! Inrciebdle!
    Shorty    Jul 06, 10:20 AM    #
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