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Merla-Mae Burgers & Ice Cream · May 18, 06:11 PM

This the old school drive up fast food restaurant. It is only open seasonally, since there is no seating inside. Just a counter that you walk up to and make your order, and a parking lot with a couple picknick tables.

The burgers here are regular frozen patties you can get from any frozen food section of your local grocery store. It is the sauce that makes these burgers special. If I had to guess it would be along the lines of a Coney Sauce, but with a distinct Thunderbania style. The french fries are frozen and deep fried, with a powderd dark beef gravy.

The last time I was there I had the loaded burger, and found it a little overwhelming. Previously, the straight up cheese burger was great.

I am yet to try the ice cream, but by the lineups in the summer months, I would assume it is pretty good.

Not bad for fast food, but fast food none the less.

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