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Thunder Bay Restaurant... a must. · May 17, 11:26 PM

Ok. Here is the place litterally for everyone. A classic diner serving all your regular fare, such as burger and fries, BLT, eggs’n’bacon, etc.

The owner will always make you feel welcome and will probably chat you up for a good ten minutes before she even hands you a menu.

And the menu! The menu is the most endearing thing about the place. It is printed out on 8.5”x11” ordinary inkjet printer paper. No laminating. No photos of make-uped burgers and fries. No images of frosty glasses of Pepsi with plastic ice cubes.

And I think there is only two of these menus in the whole place. And they are tossed form table to table, folded, wrinkled and worn.

If for no other reason, the owner, well… she is why you should go here at least once. Be assured she will chat your ear off, and tell you a joke that will have you laughing your a** off. She is the type of person that is not impressed by image, money, or smooth talking, but is impressed by genuine character and personality. And she has plenty of character and personality of her own, so come armed.

The food is well cooked and wholesome and you generally know what you are eating with each bite. The bacon comes floppy OR crispy (i love having that choice), and I highly recommend this place for lunch and, in particular, for your Sunday hangover.

The food is good, the price is fair. A must do for Thunder Bay.

To sum up the attitude of the place, after lunch one day, the owner said to us, “People won’t remember what you said or what you did. They will only remeber how you made them feel.” Very cool.

Google Map It!

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