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Carrie's Corner and The Montréal Steamé · Feb 01, 12:09 AM

I am biased. I admit it – I love Montréal. I love Montréal and the many foods I indulged in while living there. My M.O. for happiness while living in Montreal, my secret to life while there was “Gluttony and Indulgence in everything I do.” I think that is the best way to truly enjoy Montréal.

While there I stayed at a comfortably plump weight between 210 and 240 lbs. (I dropped to 185 lbs. a couple years after returning to Thunder Bay), and Montréal is often my muse when I seek new places to eat and dine in Thunder Bay.

So on to the review, again of Carrie’s Corner, while in Montréal, my favorite side dish to the authentic Montréal Poutine – VIVE LA POUTINE! – is “un Steamé avex Choux ét Moutarde.”

Elegant in its simplicity, the Steamé is a steamed hotdog with mustard and a hearty topping that is essentially shredded and pickled cabbage – choux [pronounced like shoe].

Choux on a Steamé is kind of like coleslaw, but without sour cream, mayonnaise or any other cream base, or vegetable. Choux is cabbage, but really good cabbage.

I guess if I had to approximate the choux, it would be kinda like sauerkraut but not cooked, leaving the cabbage fresh and crunchy. And for me, that is the secret to the Steamé: the pickled crunchy cabbage/coleslawish type topping – crunchy being the most important characteristic.

Back here in Thunder Bay, I have searched for a Montreal Steamé, and with due respect to the Choux, I cannot say I have ever found it in Thunder Bay, other than getting sauerkraut on a hotdog from a street vendor, which negates the whole crunchy factor.

HOWEVER! Fear not! For I, yes I have found the next best thing, and once again I found it at Carrie’s Corner!

Ok ok.. it is basically sauerkraut on a hotdog, but the preparation at Carrie’s Corner is the secret. And I can honestly say, without hesitation, it is and the closest and best approximation I have found to date, that has satisfied my craving for a Montréal Steamé with Choux – A Carrie’s Corner Hotdog with mustard and fried [it MUST be FRIED] sauerkraut and onions.

Do not forget to tell them to have the sauerkraut FRIED, or you will just miss the whole darn experience and you might as well just go to some street vendor and get cold stale sauerkraut with raw flavourless onion on a smokie,... which in its pwn right can actually be kinda good – good if you get a lot of banana peppers and extra mustard and you have been drinking a plethora of cheap draft beer all night.

So whether you are craving un Steamé avex Choux ét Moutarde à la Montréal or just want something quick and damn good to eat, GO TO CARRIE’S CORNER.

Google Map it here: CLICK

Or go to:
61 Windemere Avenue North
Thunder Bay, ON P7A 6A9, Canada
(807) 768-1104

FOOT NOTE: I am not affiliated with Carries Corner, nor do I receive any endorsements. I just like a lot of things on their menu. I would be totally sold if they used Thunder Oak Cheese Farms Cheese Curds on their Poutine, or at least gave me the option. Until then JFC (Hutches Variety) outshines anywhere in Northern Ontario for real Montreal Style Poutine.

* * *

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  1. Now I’m like, well duh! Truly tahknful for your help.
    Tessie    Sep 20, 06:38 AM    #
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Carrie's Corner UPDATE: Porto Divino - Reopened as DeLuca's