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UPDATE: Porto Divino - Reopened as DeLuca's · Jul 11, 01:48 PM

UPDATE:Porto Divino is closed and reopened as DeLuca’s

I have not had a chance to dine there under the new name DeLuca’s Family Restaurant.

If anyone has had a chance to dine there, please feel free to review your experience in the comments section.

They appear to still serve Italian cuisine but have added “Family Restaurant” to their signage.

Below is my original review of Porto Divino.

Originally Posted July 7th, 2005

We sat out on the back patio, and as I drank a bottle of wine, waiting for our Pasta to arrive, we listened to the strangely tranquil sounds of the trains and rail cars adjusting themselves. I guess in the right atmosphere, anything can be pleasing.

For appetizers, we had a Caesar Salad and the Eggplant Fritters. Both were excellent.

I did not leave a drop of sauce to my Lasagna, and cleaned the plate with bread, almost sad to see it all finished. My partner in crime had the spaghetti and meatballs, and only left some on her plate to take home because she absolutely loves cold spaghetti for breakfast.

The wait staff was exuberant to have us there, and were very pleasant. The slight sarcasm in their friendly humour, lightened the mood and brought laughter and smiles to our face.

I once heard some bad reviews about this place from a friend and another from a family member, but my experience was great. Additional points to the fact that we arrived 5 minutes before close, and they still served us a full meal, and at no point caused us to rush.

I will go back here again. Excellent food, good wine, fair price, good atmosphere, and friendly staff that go a little extra bit out of the way for you.

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  1. I just hope wheeovr writes these keeps writing more!
    Taron    Sep 20, 02:54 AM    #
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