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Waterfront Restaurant · Jun 14, 06:30 PM

Chinese foods are the main items on the menu, however, you can order other items common to Thunderbania Cuisine, such as fish and chips.

My partner in crime had the Fish and Chips, prequelled by deep fried wontons and a spring roll.

I went for the consommé soup, spring roll and schezuan mein noodles (spicy).

A pleasant dining experience all around, add to the atmosphere the variety of birds chirping away as we sat on the deck overlooking the marina; the passerbyers walking about, enjoying the cool late spring evening. With Thunderbania to the back of us, and our eyes to the waterfront, we could almost imagine we were somewhere else.

The wait staff was well timed (very well timed), polite and friendly. The food was very enjoyable.

For dining and experience, I would suggest this place to anyone on a warm summers evening, after a stroll through the marina, and to go out of your way for.

Located in the Old CN Train Station, Google Map It!

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  1. Great post with lots of imptroant stuff.
    Sundance    Jul 06, 10:54 AM    #
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