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Roosters Bistro · Jun 04, 11:25 PM

What the hell is wrong with these people?

Ok. Food aside for a moment, and let’s focus on the dining experience.

1. Unless your wife and daughter are cooking, cleaning, doing the books or something, DO NOT bring them to the restaurant to ‘hang around’. We are trying to eat here and listening your wife grill your daughter for an explanation for the small insignificant bruise on her lip, totally… let me say that again… TOTALLY detaches away from the whole dining experience of your patrons.

2. Do not treat your dining area as your private office. We can clearly hear you talk on the phone to your advertising guy when you are standing right behind us. The dining area is for DINING. The Private Office is for running the business operations, well out of earshot of the customers. No accounting, no business planning, no business calls, no discussions about websites and yellow page ads. None of this should occur where and while I am trying to eat your food.

3. If you are going to rant on your staff, do not do it in earshot. Go more then 10 feet away from our table. I do not want to hear about your cook’s girlfriend and how her visiting disrupts business. You, yelling at your staff, disturbs us customers more. Yell at your staff after hours, or in a meeting, or over coffee down the street. Not while we are trying to eat.

With that said, the entertainment was great, even the drunken girl peering through the windows at our lunch added to the hilarity of the whole event. Worth going just for the show.

The food was status quo for Thunderbania. The Rooster Toes are strips of battered white chicken meat that has been mass-produced, frozen and shipped straight to their deep fryer and into your belly. The dill dip was actually really good. Home made or store bought, it was good none the less.

THE POUTINE! They have got the closest to poutine yet. The fries are great, the gravy is just about right, and they actually use cheese curds. Well not real cheese curds, but mass-produced, single serving packed pasteurized cheese curds. They got the concept right, but the supplier wrong.

For the records, the best choice in Thunderbania for cheese curds is Thunder Oak Cheese Farm Gouda Cheese Curds . These cheese curls have topped anything I have tried in Montreal. And I will say it again.

Thunder Oak Cheese Farm Gouda Cheese Curds beats any cheese curds from Montreal to Winnipeg… maybe even the world…

So back to the review… I also had the Philly Cheese Steak…

...Ahem… excuse me… shaved roast beef, green and red diced peppers, and cheese. This is not a Philly cheese steak by any means, but for what it was, it was ok.

In conclusion, I will go back for the poutine until I find a better place, but will keep coming back for the entertainment.

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  1. There’s a cnmpaoy just south of Brisbane that’s putting on a How to Make Cheese course next month and I have been thinking, should I??? After looking at your method and photos I think I have to go.
    Angge    Feb 17, 06:53 PM    #
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