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Subway · May 29, 11:47 AM

So, you’re feeling guilty about the greasy burgers, eh? But you lika’da fast food, eh? Well at Subway, you can get the fast food experience, and still feel like you are eating something healthy. But are you?

I dunno. This place is an enigma to me. Tomato, lettuce, bacon, it looks like the stuff you would put on your sandwich at home, but it is in convenient fast food format. And then there was that guy that ate nothing but subway, and lost a bunch of weight. Blagh! Baa Humbug!

I had the Pizza sub, as always. My partner in crime had the cold cut trio with plenty of pickles. It filled the gap, and we don’t feel too guilty, but still am unsure if this stuff actually is food, or is even good for you or not. An enigma…

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