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Kangas Sauna · May 28, 05:29 PM

Not just a Sauna! They make some terrific food here. Seating is limited, but not usually packed to the teeth. The service is quick and efficient. Most importantly, there is NO deep fryer.

I highly, highly recommend the Rueben. It is great. I am not a Reuben Veteran or anything, but I do enjoy them. And so far Kangas takes the cake.

Also on the menu, regular diner fare; BLT, Sandwiches, salads, eggs’n’bacon, etc.

And the soup. Ok, you get a decent sized bowl. Most people, if having a sandwich or other item should stick to the small bowl, as it is still fairly filling. The soup, hot and hearty, in my opinion is left to simmer a little too long. It comes out a little starchy, or a little runny, and does not really stick to the ribs. But is is good nonetheless, and hot. Also, the Chilli and Toast is pretty good, but I think they use Ketchup or tomato soup as the base, as it has a sweet/sour ting to it which is not entirely to my liking.

And before or after, you can unwind with a sauna or a massage. What more could you want? in a restaurant?

I think this place is almost reaching legend status for Thunderbania. I suggest going to Kangus for a good eat anytime, Sundays after yard sale’n, and Saturdays with a hangover.

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  1. All the food is made on site…nothing is brought in …ALL of it is home made.

    The Rueben is awesome.

    The Finn pancakes are the best in town…hands down.

    Check out the site for the menu…

    The soup is made from scratch; pea&ham, beef barley, cream corn, cream potatoe, cream broccoli, turkey rice, turkey noodle, bacon & bean, cream of carrot, our Mondays hit cream of tomato, beef noodle, beef mojakka and BORSCHT just to name a couple of our most dominant homemade soups like Great Grandma used to make!!!!!

    No ketchup or tomato soup in the chili…I swear!

    Kangas ROCKS and I love it too!
    Calley    Jul 17, 01:48 AM    #
  2. The Cream of Tomato is the best I have tasted. I go with my father just for the cream of tomato soup alone.

    And Yes! The Rueben is one of the best I have had the pleasure of having. I spent a solid 12 months existing on Reubens from MOntreal to Thunder Bay and can say with confidence that the only one that has come close is a place just east of Wawa on HWY 17. I can’t remeber the name but it was decorated like a swiss alps lodge.

    Not sure if it is still there, but I think I will make the trip just to find out.
    david    Aug 07, 04:05 AM    #
  3. THX that’s a great anwser!
    Macco    Jul 06, 12:21 PM    #
  4. Wheover wrote this, you know how to make a good article.
    Lena    Jul 08, 01:46 PM    #
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