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  1. Your “review” is a overreaction after a single tripIt’s a half block away, so I am sure you could make a second trip, and here’s what you doa) Ask to see the owner, whose name is Ned. Explain that you had a less than satisfactory schwarma. I think you will find him engaging and concerned about your experience.b) then any of the following1) It’s a gyro place. Get a gyro!2) For an even better experience, get the mac louba with the middle eastern salad. Wonderful.3) Try the schwarma again but with Tahini in place of the tzaziki (sp?) sauce. Much better.The best gyro in town is at Sebastian’s on the west side. ---------------------------- ****NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: I thought I had given this place a rave review. I highly recommend it. The owner is great, the food is amazing, and I have been there a few times. Kabab Village! Everyone Must Try it! It is a great place to dine on some amazing food.
    Mohamad    Nov 30, 07:47 PM    #
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