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  1. this goes out to the person who said keep driving by, your guess is wrong buddy you should just zip your mouth before you start talkin smack chief, i know the owner personally, was a successful car sales men who wanted to open up a restaurant for the community, is there really something wrong with that, i don’t think so but you decided to open your mouth and try to be a big shot, i think your the dumbass that has to stop and think for a second so shut it,
    tay    Apr 03, 02:17 PM    #
  2. Tay. You’re right. I will go there again this summer and give it a honest review. I was probably more frustrated that it was closed when it should have been opened.

    However, I do my best to give each place a second review and I promise I will do another one on Chachi’s Drive In.

    This blog is only meant to open dialog, and there is nothing stopping an owner or a friend or anyone else from explaining or giving their own review. Please feel free to post your own review of the restaurant and I will gladly post it.

    Thanks for your comment.
    It is appreciated.


    David    Apr 17, 04:56 PM    #
  3. The only other thing I can say is that this is something owners can use for constructive criticism. Reading the post, there are comments there on how he may improve on some things.
    David    Apr 17, 04:59 PM    #
  4. This place is terrible, the food is s*** the employ’s are rude and i believe they are to be *******. like i went in there one time for lunch to get a simple coney burger with my pal and this short [guy] with a black beard, doesnt even return my change to me until just before leaving i ask for it back… Also when i was there around lunch i walked in to order when i heard a man swearing at children? he should be fired. this place is a 1 out of 10 in my opinion.
    Dustin    Jan 27, 10:53 PM    #
  5. hey, your food was good for the first few days, until you got that ****** working there. he makes the shittiest coney burgers in the world. they are so sloppy, that they always fall apart in my hand. i also recall that i found a piece of black hair in my burger aswell? i thought it was gross but the short guy who has the black beard, is always late on giving orders to customers. one day i was on my lunch break i decided to stop in, and the short guuy i mentioned earlier was laying down the chirps on some teenagers. and the owner with the “wannabe” patrick kane Flow told one kid to F*** off. i thought the kid looked ********* or something but that guy sounded like a huge a**hole. and i dont care whoever replys to this comment… as i seen in the beginning. you guys need to make something more original, like get some better coney burgers or coney dogs. 2/10 i rate your food. it makes me wanna barf sometimes. but other then that the fries are good…....
    Dan    Jan 27, 11:05 PM    #
  6. The food first of all is over priced microwaved rubber meat that has been sitting outside for a week. Randle the chef/waitress is always piss drunk playing yugioh and swearing to students at St Ignatuis Highschool who come here to eat. Also the owner always has a cocky attitude that always rages on the students and takes pictures of them and finally the place is a s*** hole.
    Garry    Feb 14, 05:28 PM    #
  7. first of all i would like to start of with the food. The food is old microwaved rubbery meat that was probably rotten left outside and the price of their food is way over priced. Randle on the other hand is always leaning/falling over piss drunk swearing at the kids along with the owner taking pictures of the kids swearing at them. Way to set an example you s***.
    Garry    Feb 14, 05:34 PM    #
  8. Don’t go to Chacis drive in. the food is aweful there so called famous coney dogs and burgers are a cheap store bought brand and cooked in a microwave. The burgeer i had, had the texture of rubber and was cold. Thier fries are also cheap and storebought and they over charge for such low quality food. The owner is an a*hole and seems like he has some anger issues. For example,I went there for lunch one day and he was yelling at the highschool kids and told one to f** off because they left a wraper on the floor. Then theres the other employee the kids call him Randal he seems to almost always be intoxicated thats what the kids told me. Lastly, the resturant is falling apart theres holes in the drywall and dirty old carpets on the ground. So keep driveing by Chachis drive when you see it.
    — steve edwards    Feb 17, 06:23 PM    #
  9. best I can see is that this is a rant. I’ll leave these comments up for the moment because the whole point of the site is to get customer feedback and to let owners comment as well. But personal attacks are not nessessary to this degree. I’ll drop the comments if the owner asks because they are not very tactful and seems like just someone letting off a bunch of steam.

    It seems hard to believe that it can be that bad, but I have not done a second review yet, so I cannot say.
    David    Feb 29, 01:47 AM    #
  10. so one day me and my friend were hungry and decided to try out chachis it was around 11:30 last wednesday. Right when i walkined in the A**hole with the big gut and brown flowing hair was swearing at my other friends because he thaught they were leaving garbage on the ground on purpose and because some of them werent ordering. then the guy told my friend to f*ck off because my friend said he didt get his change back polightly. anyway then i ordered a coney burger and watched how they cooked it. they put the frozen patty in the microwave for 20 seconds dunked it in some vat of distcusting meat jucie i think and slapped a stale bun on it and charged me 5 bucks for it even though it says 4.25 on the menu. and i agree with steve e. who said the randal guy does appear to be intoxicated all the time.
    corey gagne    Mar 03, 09:40 PM    #
  11. i went to Chachis like alwas and i over heard a conversation that Steve the owner is always masterbating down stairs when he is not there when Randle is working the main joint. Randle with his pube mustache is always chirping my friends and blaming them for putting brown hand paper in the toilet. I do have to admit steve does take his time on his flow (beautiful hair) but dosnt prepare his dirty burgers because there either raw or sloppy with their hamburger grease coney sause. they even said they would make a bar table in the beginning of the school year which hasnt happend. dont go there. TAKE MY WORD 0/10
    Eric boilard    Mar 03, 09:50 PM    #
  12. Ok.
    For a moment I am going to stop the comments.

    I will have to go and do a second review. I’ll go sometime during this month (March).
    It seems that it should be during school-break hours.

    I don’t wwant to start restricting comments, but at the same time that is the basic purpose of this site: to get reviews and comments from customers. But it is also so that owners can comment back or find out how their customers feel and how they can turn critisism into something contructive and in turn increase revenue.

    So at this point I feel that is all I can do. I’ll be as open and unbiased and focus on the food and the service as well as getting a look at the target market and customers he is servicing.

    So if you want, come back beginning of April (the 2nd or 3rd or the end of the first week) to see a new review of Chachi’s.
    David    Mar 07, 06:24 PM    #
  13. Me and my friends decided to go there to eat. When we got there we ordered a burger but the meat didn’t taste as flourishing as I thought it would. The burgers tasted stale and I ended up with a sore tummy that night. I would them to dip my burger in juicier coney sauce next time! Thanks. 4/10
    Brandon Martin    Mar 08, 08:25 PM    #
  14. This place is the bee’s knees of coneys. they even inuclde ripped (fried) dogs on their menu, i would highly recommend for first timers to get a bacon ranch ripped dog, a gr style (or detroit style) dog, AND their twice fried, chili cheese belgian fries! they are like checkers fries but dont explode with grease and lard when you eat them. easily my favorite and best coney shop in gr. dont get me wrong i also eat at yesterdog, but their watered down chili and sloppy dogs dont get my attention anymore. The atmosphere at the One stop is also top tier. workers are always down to chat and are really down to earth and knowledgeable when it comes to coneysSIX OUT OF FIVE
    Auth    Sep 20, 03:47 AM    #
  15. Chachis Restaurant is an amazing small little local hamburger joint which serves hot dogs hamburgers coneyburgers chicken fingers fries Poutine and also for grilled Persians and just recently they added deep-fried pierogies totally awesome place! All the food prices are very reasonable their hamburgers Coney burgers and cheeseburgers all have over a half a pound of beef and the buns are fresh every day the fries are amazing the gravy has great taste to it and you’re not going to find a more friendly place to go and get a quick lunch!! I highly recommend trying this place out for a lunch in the summer he has awesome milkshakes and sundaes as well I can’t understand why all the negative comments I’ve been to this place over 20 times in the last few months and everybody that I have been there with has loved it all I can say is there is a high school nearby and I assume that the children there are making these rude comments about Chachi’s awesome place awesome staff highly recommend
    Kim B    Dec 06, 08:52 PM    #
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