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Kabab Village - Lebanese Mediterranean Cuisine · Sep 26, 08:16 PM

It is not a secret that I have a bias to the many great foods I enjoyed over the years I lived in Montreal.

Aside from traditional French Canadian foods, there are cuisines from all over the world in Montreal.

My first week there, some friends took me to AMIRS which serves Lebanese Mediterranean dishes and I quickly became addicted to the shish taouk wrapped in a pita.

I had a weekly visit to AMIR (see )

How to explain the joy I felt when I first saw Kabab Village.

Although AMIRS was awesome, the leboniese food at The Kabab Village is superb and the Shish Taouk with pita was one item I missed greatly and it took oh so little time to blurt out that that is what I would have.

An amazing sight to see as chicken seasoned with a blend of spices slowly cooks on a vertical rotisserie. Then with lighting fast swings of a blade from a master chef the chicken is shaved to fall lightly onto a plate, with side orders too many to mention.

However, I do wish to address the service. Superb!
By far it was some of the most courteous and considerate service I have had. They truly cater your meal with pita and a dipping sauce lightly sprinkled with paprika and extra virgin olive oil.

The host and waitress are happy to meet each customer and assure that everything is to their liking. And to this I must give them a bunch of stars for the service alone.

My parents had never had food from this region before, so I brought them with me the second time I went. Transfixed on my meal I all but ignored what they ordered… well, for the purpose of this article I’ll call Mom right now and ask her what she had and what my dad had as well…..

Here is some good music while I find out.

(humming “Lotus Flower” by Radiohead)


“Hi Ma.”
(conversation omitted)


“Thanks Mom. Love ya. Tell Dad I’ll call him tomorrow”

Anyways.. They had the same as me. I should have remembered that. I was too hungry, too excited.

So where is this magical place?

Well anyone who has lived in Thunder Bay for a long time remembers the Robins Donuts on Syndicate across from the old IBM building near where the Inntowner used to be by the Victoriaville parkade.

The location closed and went through a few transformations, until finally it became the Lebanese delight that it now is.

It was renamed Kabab Village and for food of this flare and other middle eastern and mediterranean cruises this place is excellent and the service, smile and politeness makes me want to travel to their home country, as they set an example of the service I wish other places would aspire towards, professionally, and many people personally.

Great place. 215 Syndicate Ave South for those who don’t know where the Inntowner used to be.

I asked them a few questions while I payed the bill and gladly tipped more than 20%.

Q: What foods and from what regions do you serve?
A: lebanese mediterranean

Q: What are your plans for the future?
A: Major renovations and opening another location

Q: Is there take out and delivery
A: Yes

Q: What item is most ordered.
A: The salads and the fish fatouch shawarma

Q: Tell me about your customers, what have they said.
A: Very positive. Just try food

And I am glad they have a website. Click Here and go to their website now and check out what they offer.

Please understand that I am not literate in many (if not all) of these dishes, and I have never traveled to that part of the world. So please excuse much of my ignorance in spelling, or in my descriptions. I just know the food is wonderful and service is great.

And I also want to make sure that you are aware of the Kabab Village and that you take some time to visit and enjoy.

I hope they are here to stay for a long long time.

I will be a regular, and and in my opinion, they are far better than AMIRS in Montreal.

If you have been to AMIRS then you will known the magnitude of this compliment.

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Carrie's Corner and The Montréal Steamé · Feb 01, 12:09 AM

I am biased. I admit it – I love Montréal. I love Montréal and the many foods I indulged in while living there. My M.O. for happiness while living in Montreal, my secret to life while there was “Gluttony and Indulgence in everything I do.” I think that is the best way to truly enjoy Montréal.

While there I stayed at a comfortably plump weight between 210 and 240 lbs. (I dropped to 185 lbs. a couple years after returning to Thunder Bay), and Montréal is often my muse when I seek new places to eat and dine in Thunder Bay.

So on to the review, again of Carrie’s Corner, while in Montréal, my favorite side dish to the authentic Montréal Poutine – VIVE LA POUTINE! – is “un Steamé avex Choux ét Moutarde.”

Elegant in its simplicity, the Steamé is a steamed hotdog with mustard and a hearty topping that is essentially shredded and pickled cabbage – choux [pronounced like shoe].

Choux on a Steamé is kind of like coleslaw, but without sour cream, mayonnaise or any other cream base, or vegetable. Choux is cabbage, but really good cabbage.

I guess if I had to approximate the choux, it would be kinda like sauerkraut but not cooked, leaving the cabbage fresh and crunchy. And for me, that is the secret to the Steamé: the pickled crunchy cabbage/coleslawish type topping – crunchy being the most important characteristic.

Back here in Thunder Bay, I have searched for a Montreal Steamé, and with due respect to the Choux, I cannot say I have ever found it in Thunder Bay, other than getting sauerkraut on a hotdog from a street vendor, which negates the whole crunchy factor.

HOWEVER! Fear not! For I, yes I have found the next best thing, and once again I found it at Carrie’s Corner!

Ok ok.. it is basically sauerkraut on a hotdog, but the preparation at Carrie’s Corner is the secret. And I can honestly say, without hesitation, it is and the closest and best approximation I have found to date, that has satisfied my craving for a Montréal Steamé with Choux – A Carrie’s Corner Hotdog with mustard and fried [it MUST be FRIED] sauerkraut and onions.

Do not forget to tell them to have the sauerkraut FRIED, or you will just miss the whole darn experience and you might as well just go to some street vendor and get cold stale sauerkraut with raw flavourless onion on a smokie,... which in its pwn right can actually be kinda good – good if you get a lot of banana peppers and extra mustard and you have been drinking a plethora of cheap draft beer all night.

So whether you are craving un Steamé avex Choux ét Moutarde à la Montréal or just want something quick and damn good to eat, GO TO CARRIE’S CORNER.

Google Map it here: CLICK

Or go to:
61 Windemere Avenue North
Thunder Bay, ON P7A 6A9, Canada
(807) 768-1104

FOOT NOTE: I am not affiliated with Carries Corner, nor do I receive any endorsements. I just like a lot of things on their menu. I would be totally sold if they used Thunder Oak Cheese Farms Cheese Curds on their Poutine, or at least gave me the option. Until then JFC (Hutches Variety) outshines anywhere in Northern Ontario for real Montreal Style Poutine.

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Carrie's Corner · Aug 29, 08:25 PM

When I think of all the towns in all the countries, I think of all those little out-of-the-way places that have been famous for generations – like Swartz’s in Montreal.

And for generations, little has changed. Little has changed for one simple reason – they got it right the first time.

Carrie’s Corner is one of those places.

I first found this deepfryer’n’grill a few years back purely by accident – fries and a hotdog all dressed was my order and damn it was great.

I always kept my eyes open for this place, but I did not know it’s name, or the twists and turns throughout Thunder Bay’s north end that I took that late autumn night had left me lost as to its exact location.

Lately, I have had this intense craving for home grown fast food and since my last review of Hutch’s Variety – now known as JFC – I have managed to put on a good ten pounds.

As I mentioned, many of Thunder Bay’s Deep Fried & Grill convenience stores close up around 8pm, and I had missed JFC by just a few minutes.

Determined to get my fix of french fries, I tried one more time to find the deep fryer that had eluded me for years.

I knew that even if I found it, the place would likely be closed, but I had a night to kill and the sun was far from setting.

After about an hour of turning here and turning there, I saw in the distance the vent of a deep fryer sticking outside of a one story building.

As I made my way down the street, I could feel my heart pounding with anticipation. I saw cars and trucks parked along the side of the building, the smell of the deep fryer causing me to salivate the closer I got, the movement of people to and fro, crossing the street and back – all signs that it was still open, and that business was good and good business usually means good food.

Carrie’s Corner has it all – everything a modern convenience store should have and a menu that is too long to mention.

The menu had everything from BLT, Hot Turkey sandwiches, perogies, cabbage rolls, breakfast sandwiches (with egg, bacon and cheese)... everything. And I mean everything for every time of the day, whether you are looking for a hearty breakfast, a light lunch or a heavy dinner. Everything so much so that I could spend the rest of my days in this town and live entirely off the menu at Carrie’s Corner.

The staff – friendly, pleasant and light hearted. When I asked what their signature dish was the guy at the counter said his favorite was the perogies and the bacon cheese burger.

On his advice I took a large fries to go with the bacon cheese burger. I also ordered a medium sized gravy that turned out to be a impressive bucket of peppercorn dark brown gravy thick enough to stick to your ribs for a week. When the fries were done, I finished the gravy with my burger and then licked the container clean with my fingers.

Fracking awesome! And what confounds me more is why people go to McD’s and other such franchises when we can get food like this just around the corner.

You can even call in your order ahead of time for pickup!

I was so pleased with the orgasmic experience of devouring their massive bacon cheese burger (with real bacon and cheese and a patty that is a true quarter pound and more AFTER cooking) that I created a new category for my blog called “Must Eats” which is places that if you do not go to, then you are denying yourself one of life’s great experiences. The Must Eats category is in dedication and to commemorate my experience dining at Carrie’s Corner.

Five Stars ***** and another five stars to boot.
Call (807) 768-1104 to order for pickup or visit Carrie’s Corner at 61 Windermere Ave North on the corner of Carrie Street.

Google Map It Here and bookmark it in your iphone or blackberry

Carrie’s Corner – One of Thunder Bay’s Must Eats!

-Recommendations from the Guy behind the counter:
Try the coney burger with 2 pieces of cheese and bacon, “it’s unreal”

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Kangas Sauna · May 28, 05:29 PM

Not just a Sauna! They make some terrific food here. Seating is limited, but not usually packed to the teeth. The service is quick and efficient. Most importantly, there is NO deep fryer.

I highly, highly recommend the Rueben. It is great. I am not a Reuben Veteran or anything, but I do enjoy them. And so far Kangas takes the cake.

Also on the menu, regular diner fare; BLT, Sandwiches, salads, eggs’n’bacon, etc.

And the soup. Ok, you get a decent sized bowl. Most people, if having a sandwich or other item should stick to the small bowl, as it is still fairly filling. The soup, hot and hearty, in my opinion is left to simmer a little too long. It comes out a little starchy, or a little runny, and does not really stick to the ribs. But is is good nonetheless, and hot. Also, the Chilli and Toast is pretty good, but I think they use Ketchup or tomato soup as the base, as it has a sweet/sour ting to it which is not entirely to my liking.

And before or after, you can unwind with a sauna or a massage. What more could you want? in a restaurant?

I think this place is almost reaching legend status for Thunderbania. I suggest going to Kangus for a good eat anytime, Sundays after yard sale’n, and Saturdays with a hangover.

Google Map It!

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Thunder Bay Restaurant... a must. · May 17, 11:26 PM

Ok. Here is the place litterally for everyone. A classic diner serving all your regular fare, such as burger and fries, BLT, eggs’n’bacon, etc.

The owner will always make you feel welcome and will probably chat you up for a good ten minutes before she even hands you a menu.

And the menu! The menu is the most endearing thing about the place. It is printed out on 8.5”x11” ordinary inkjet printer paper. No laminating. No photos of make-uped burgers and fries. No images of frosty glasses of Pepsi with plastic ice cubes.

And I think there is only two of these menus in the whole place. And they are tossed form table to table, folded, wrinkled and worn.

If for no other reason, the owner, well… she is why you should go here at least once. Be assured she will chat your ear off, and tell you a joke that will have you laughing your a** off. She is the type of person that is not impressed by image, money, or smooth talking, but is impressed by genuine character and personality. And she has plenty of character and personality of her own, so come armed.

The food is well cooked and wholesome and you generally know what you are eating with each bite. The bacon comes floppy OR crispy (i love having that choice), and I highly recommend this place for lunch and, in particular, for your Sunday hangover.

The food is good, the price is fair. A must do for Thunder Bay.

To sum up the attitude of the place, after lunch one day, the owner said to us, “People won’t remember what you said or what you did. They will only remeber how you made them feel.” Very cool.

Google Map It!

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