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Update: Hutch's Variety Part 2 - JFC: Some of The Best Food in Thunder Bay · Aug 07, 03:52 AM

Ok. I am a firm believer of second chances. People and places change and time is a thing that passes and with it so do the bad things. As a theory of evolution in the evolution of economics, bad businesses either adapt or die – in time.

Hutch’s Variety, now called JFC, did not entirely change or adapt, but they absolutely did improve. And as second chances go, they hit a home run in the local fast food – or I should now say good food fast – industry.

As I have before, I went out to quell a craving I had. This one was for a simple and fairly staple substance – potatoes.

Potato soup, potato chips, potato mashed, potato home fries, potato french fried, potato, potato, potato, POTATO! I had to have potato.

This could be a result of a current fasting and cleansing I was going through, or the abuse I put my body through prior to my fasting. I could be the need for brain food or just a plain old craving. None the less I had to have potato in some form.

I had been thinking for many days of a soup, but last time I tried to make a soup, I smoked the motor on my Silver Bullet blender (which is not recommended when you decide to puree several large raw potatoes – and much to my wife’s chagrin).

This horrible first attempt in potatosoupdom served as a big ol’stop sign since I still didn’t know how to make a potato soup.

I had also already been eating salt’n vinegar chips and had taken the first couple layers of skin off my tongue.

As I was driving down the road thinking for all the places I could get some potatoes, lo’n behold stood a sign that read: “Home Made French Fries”

Yes, my last experience when JFC was called Hutch’s Variety was less than positive, but along side the french fry sign, was another that caused me to hit my turn signal and cut across four lanes of traffic with oncoming traffic just a few car lengths before a green light’d intersection.

“Home Made Corn Dogs”

Home Made Corn Dogs.

I’ll say that again, in case you are still debating on whether or not to go.

Home Made Corn Dogs.

And I will say this now, loud and clear:
JFC is one of The Best Fast Food Places in Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario.

The Home Made Corn Dogs are spectacular. Yes, spectacular – so much so that it is everyones sole and absolute duty and obligation to the spirit and soul to go, right now, without finishing this post to go and get a home made corn dog from JFC’s. If you hesitate and forget to go, then you will miss out on one of those things that are so great that they can only be found on one place on earth – in this universe. The only place in the space time continuum.

You see, a long long time ago, there was a big explosion, and the universe began to expand throwing all kinds of stuff all over. Atoms joined, suns lite up and burned out and finally a bunch of stuff came together in such an exact manner that the earth and life was created.

Then a little bit later JFC was created with the universe’s best home made corn dogs.

And as for my potato, I got a large bag of french fries with gravy on the side, as well as two hot-dogs tout-garni… – fully loaded.

Long blog short, Hutch’s Variety closed down for a long time, then reopened under new ownership. They cut out the fat and did what they do best – good food fast.

I will be spending the next month frequenting JFC, sampling everything on their menu including the jumbo sized corn dog and their fried chicken.

Hutch’s Variety is back as JFC! If they keep doing what they are doing they are sure to remain one of the best places in Thunder Bay to eat.

Five Stars *****
Located on the corner of Algoma and John St.
Google It and go now!

Great job to the new owners. I tip my hat.

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Fred's Variety · Jun 04, 10:52 PM

If you’re in the Current River part of town, there is a Variety Store by the name of Fred’s Variety. Here you can get your regular convenience store stuff, Potato Chips for only $1.88 per 200 gram bag, and an assortment of 5 cent candies and gummy bear like treats.

You can also get french fries, burgers, pogos, Coney burgers, etc. Ah, the joys of a deep fryer. It is money in your pocket.

Anyways… we had the Poutine, ala Thunderbania and a cheeseburger. Now for those who have eaten real poutine, there seems to be this thing with Thunder Bay where the purveyors of fast foods think it is made with grated mozzarella cheese. This is NOT poutine. It is simple fries with gravy and cheese. As anyone who has every spoken more then grade nine french will tell you, poutine is made with cheese curds that squeak when they are warm. This is essence is the poutine experience, and Thunderbania has not figured that out.

So with fries and grated cheese with gravy in one hand, and cheeseburger in the other, with a can of Pepsi in my pocket, we ate,... and the Pepsi was fantastic; cool, bubbly, caffeinated, full of sugar and other wonderful things.

The rest? Well you let me down Fred. Although the fries had plenty of good intent, the gravy was too ungravyish and the cheese… you could have saved the whole experience if you had curds.

Like most fast food, this is quick and dirty and fills your gap. If you need something deep fried and crunchy and do not have a discriminating palette, then please go to Fred’s Variety and enjoy.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

Google Map It!

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Hutch's Variety · May 28, 05:23 PM

UPDATE – Check Out m new review on Hutch’s Variet @
Update: Hutch’s Variety Part 2 – The Best Food in Thunder Bay

The Coney Burger I had today, well to say the least, is something I wouldn’t write home about. But I would blog it, so….

I had firmly decided to hit Merla Mae for a Cheeseburger, when the obvious lineup presented a strong sense of inconvenience. Hutch’s, which is just about a block away, proudly displayed a Famous Coney Sauce sign. A sign from the Coney man himself, assuring me that I would have a cheeseburger and coke within minutes.

First and foremost, the guy behind the till washed his hands before preparing my order. This is a good thing. THen with a freshly microwaved bun, and a ladel, he scooped the coney sauce onto the bun. Add cheese, onion, and voila! A Coney Cheeseburger ala Hutch.

The result is nothing great, bearing in mind the I am far from a expert in the field of Coney Sauce. It followed the concept of a Coney Burger, with a local added flair and seasoning, but did not stand out in my mind as a place I would frequent, or a food item I would crave in the future.

In the end, if it is conveniece, and the need to fill a gap, Hutch’s Variety stepped up to the plate. However, I would prefer to make the inconvenient choice, weather and time permitting to go to Merla Mae or McKellar Confectionary (which I will review later).

Hutch’s Variety is definately well located on the corner of John St. and Memorial/Algoma. Further, it is for sale. The addition of Fast Food to their repitoir would indicate to me that they are not out trying to enter the market, but mearly showing the potential for diversification of their business to prospective Buyers.

I would not put this on the maps, but google did, so if you want to know where to find Hutch’s,... Google Map It!

I should also mention that they have loads of VHS tapes. Hutch didn’t seem interested in getting into DVDs or new releases, so if you have a old favorite, Hutch probably has it (including XXX vids). For all else it is worth, it is a local convenience store, competing with the Mac’s a block away.

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